Dependable Traffic Signal Lamps are constructed with Dependable workmanship and USA pride and quality.

Dependable Traffic Signal Lamps are engineered to meet and comply with the Traffic Signal Lamp Standard as set forth by the ITE Technical Committee 4RS, Institute of Transportation Engineers. 

Our lamps contain the following features:
91% Krypton gas fill for longer lumen maintenance.
17,000 hour V-beam, 7 support (5+2 lead), Tungsten filament for the ability to withstand vibration and shock better.
Reflector Disc to help eliminate the center dead spot and protect socket from heat.
Fuse lead wire to help control lamp arching in order to protect control circuits.
Brass Base protects against lamp freezing in socket which allows for easy removal and replacement.

Many different styles are available, please contact us for any specifications.


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