Keeps phosphorus and glass inside upon impact

DEPENDABLE'S LONG LIFE SHATTER-FREE fluorescent lamps are coated with clear, tough plastic ionomer resin from pin to pin. These labor saving lamps are complete and ready for installation. This means no more cumbersome sleeves or end caps to apply.

If broken or dropped, the coating of plastic ionomer resin remains intact and retains virtually all the glass fragments and phosphors within the tough plastic shield.

DEPENDABLE'S LONG LIFE SHATTER-FREE makes disposal of broken lamps safe and easy. You'll find this feature to be an extra plus in reducing the hazards involved in disposal with conventional un-coated lamps.

The 'water clear' plastic coating is skin tight and practically invisible. DEPENDABLE'S LONG LIFE SHATTER-FREE fluorescent lamps with their clear coating will not yellow, turn brittle or craze. Reduction in light output has been measured at only 3%-5%. Lamps are available in any length up to 96 inches, as well as in any diameter. The coating of plastic ionomer resins will last the life of the lamp.


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