Long Life Brand Fluorescent Tubes are designed to last up to 48,000 hours

DEPENDABLE PRODUCTS lamps contain Titanium - an exclusive ingredient which retards lumen depreciation. This is one of the reasons why the DEPENDABLE Fluorescent lamps give you all the light you're paying for.

DEPENDABLE fluorescent lamps are used for factories, hospitals, schools, stores, showroom windows, offices and work shops. The "Cool White" fluorescent is the lamp most widely used color in lighting today. These lamps offer a wide range of applications for factories, hospitals, stores, offices, classrooms and corridors. Highly efficient, it should be used where more light is the primary consideration.

Features: 15 mil plastic ionomer resin coating 20 mils at cathode (end) for reinforcement Titanium Dioxide added to Phosphors Double Coiled industrial Cathode "ion guard" feature to prevent ends from blackening End Caps: Bakelite/Phenolic or Aluminum end Coating Toxicity: None Coating Flash Point: 35 ASTM D 1929 Chemical Reaction to Heat of Fire - CO and Hydro Carbon Oxidation Products


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